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We might have seen the last of Nexus 7 tablet..forever

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Tablets aren’t really much of fad these days but even then it would be hard to argue the value factor that a Nexus tablet offers. Earlier this week, we had seen reports that suggested Google has finally (once and for all) taken down Nexus 7 from its listing on Google Play and that could be the last of the product. How can we say that confidently?

Chances of Google making another tablet are very slim and that’s primarily got to do with their admission of how phones are now taking over the tablets. This admission came in the form of Nexus 6 smartphone that pretty much betrays the logic of having a 7-inch slate and also Eric Schmidt agrees to the fact that 6-inch and above will be the future devices to become the common trend.

Google introduced the Nexus range to compete in the budget pricing space ($149 and upwards) and contradict the philosophy that Apple adopted with iPad. In many ways, Nexus 7 was seen as the ideal, Android competitor to iOS running iPad, wherein the former still lags in terms of software value for the bigger form devices. Quality hardware, decent finishing and reliability of Google ensured people became comfortable with the Nexus branding.

The first couple of Nexus tablets were made by Asus (who in turn developed better products) and from there on, the influx of phablets forced Google’s hand to try out something different and with HTC that formed into the Nexus 9.

So, all this (and the fact that tablets aren’t selling much anymore) led us to believe that end of Nexus 7 is a foregone conclusion that goes into the history books from here on.

Yes, they will be available in the form of refurbished products but that comes nowhere close to the product quality that the original one offers. But we ask you, whether you will buy a new tablet or opt for something like a repackaged Nexus 7? Do share your views in the comment section below.

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