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Share your monsoon pictures and win an ASUS ZenFone

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[Update: This contest is now closed and the winners of the same are Abhilasha Sharma, Mira Kumar and Swati Yadav]

Monsoon is one season that many people associate with fun. While many like to play around in rains to enjoy the weather, there is another bunch of people who love capturing beauty using the cameras they have at their disposal. Interestingly, most of them click images using their smartphones as they are easily accessible and have better imaging capabilities to boast of. But do you know, you can click even better images if you’d keep these tips and tricks in mind.

Have the correct smartphone camera

It is very important to have the right phone camera to get the pictures right. Don’t be concerned just about the megapixels (MP) of your smartphone camera, because you actually need more than MP to get good pictures. There are plenty of other things that are also relevant such as having a good software. Take for instance the ASUS ZenFone 2 comes with PixelMaster Camera 2.0, a newer camera technology, which combines special algorithm, hardware and optical design to deliver better quality images in most scenarios including the rainy season.

Compose your shot

For good photography, having that perfect timing and composition is really important. Most people are usually in a hurry to take whatever they think is looking nice; pay a little attention to the composition and you’d notice the difference in your photos yourself.

Play with Light

The things with monsoon is that you may not get the best pictures as the lights may not be adequate. But if you want to click pictures that will get your some raving comments on Facebook/ Instagram, then the images ought to be clicked in good light.

So if you are wondering, what exactly is good light, it’s what will gives a scene shape, depth and makes things look interesting.

Look for light with some kind of direction and color. The same will help add some vibrancy in your images. There are also phones such as the Asus ZenFone 2 that come with ‘low light’ mode that can help you capture better images when the ambient light is not adequate.

Shoot picture in greyscale or sepia

Another interesting option available to users right now is to click images in greyscale or sepia. As the climate is gloomy, colour may not come out so well, so it will be a good idea to either click images in these modes or edit them using popular photo editing softwares such as photoshop to get into these modes.

Have fun with images

Done with photo shot session, now try PhotoCollage to collect, collage, and share photos. PhotoEffects feature lets you be as creative as you want with just a few getures. Some templates are already available for you to create an interesting photo album.

The PhotoCollage comes preinstalled on Asus ZenFone 2. If photo album does not satisfy you, then there is another very interesting option available to the users of this phone – ZenUI MiniMovie.

This app lets you transfer your extensive collection of photos into rich videos with ZenUI MiniMovie. MiniMovie helps user create and share photo slideshows, adorned with movie titles and music, to your loved ones. When connected to Facebook account, MiniMovie allows you to create movie slideshow from your Facebook photo albums.

Safety first

Lastly, we urge users to be careful while clicking pictures. It is sensible not to get carried away while clicking pictures. Try to be safe and most importantly, keep your smartphone covered if it is not waterproof.

So have fun as you click great photos this monsoon and share them with the world. Also sharing these pictures can help you win some exciting prizes including Asus ZenFone. Along with the monsoon pictures, you have to also answer four really simple questions.

To know more about the contest and the rules and regulations please click here.

To answer the questions and submit your monsoon pictures

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