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MWC 2015: Hits and Misses

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This year’s MWC 2015 has come to an end earlier this week. Majors like Samsung, HTC did their bit, while others like Sony, Asus decided to bide their time for better things to come. As expected, there were a lot of wearables on show, from usual suspects like Huawei, Acer and HTC making its first wearable jump with Armour.

After much fanfare and announcement of varied technology products, Ford also played its car-tech card with voice-assistance coming to your automobile very soon. Slew of products (most phones) get launched every year but as always, there are quite a few which work for its worth, or they simple fail to take off. So, here’s our take on the hits and misses from MWC 2015. (Note: we’re going brand-wise with our selections).

Samsung – Hit

It’s been a long time since Samsung has made to the ‘hit’ section on any of our feature and that’s primarily owing to their work with Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge this year. Make no mistake, the previous Galaxy S phone was decent with good hardware and quality cameras, but something didn’t feel right for a so-called flagship phone. But this time, not only have they added the ‘metal’ everywhere, they’ve also introduced the flagship with Edges. Kudos to the brand and now we just hope, they can get the pricing to justify its credibility in the country.

HTC – Hit and Miss

You might be wondering what a 50-50 verdict stands for. Truth be told, the company has brought out yet another design beauty in the form of One M9, but barring minor design tweaks and better hardware, there’s not much of an excitement about the phone. However, it’s the wearable and VR headset (with Valve) that has caught our fancy. These are futuristic and make us believe that HTC is trying to get out of its comfort zone.

Lenovo – Hit

PC’s may be their thing but it’s not the priority anymore and by the looks of it, phones might have taken precedence these days. They’ve added a Redmi Note 4G competitor in the form of A7000 phablet and a camera-cum-smartphone in the Vibe series as well. The company owns Motorola (albeit run separately) which has helped them scale up into top 5 mobile brands globally. What’s there to hate about them right now? Zilch.

Sony – Miss

Well if they aren’t going out of mobile business anytime soon, as per their company CEO then MWC had to be the place for a Sony flagship to make an appearance. Instead, we got a mid-range waterproof smartphone and a high-end featherlite Xperia tablet (which will cost a bong). The company is expected to unveil something at a later date, so we wait and watch till then for their flagship suspense.

Asus – Miss

In its defense, CES 2015 was a better platform for them to showcase, and show they did. So, it’s fair on them to understand behind giving MWC 2015 amiss. Having said that, keep an eye on for the brand at the upcoming Computex 2015 which happens in their homeland.

Huawei – Hit

An excellent wearable watch, budget 4G phones and fitness band with detachable Bluetooth headset, that’s been Huawei’s play at MWC 20155 this year. The company is serious about its chances in the mobile space and Honor sub-brand is a testament to their ambitions. We’re not sure about the products making appearance in India anytime soon. But surely they have to?

LG – Miss mostly

They did bring out the first-ever 4G-enabled premium smartwatch but besides that we didn’t see the other South Korean brand lighting fireworks at the event. While HTC forayed into the virtual reality space with Vive, we did not see LG trying out different things. So, it is easy to forget whether the brand did show up at the mobile congress this year.

If you think we’ve missed out on someone, do let us know.

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