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Did A Time Traveller Click Myke Tyson In 1995 With Phone?

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(Image: YouTube)

A video clip of a “time-travelling” fan recording a professional boxing match between the former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson and Peter McNeeley on August 19, 1995 has gone viral on the social media.

While the fans were celebrating the return of “Iron Mike”, this fan appears to be clicking a picture from his camera-wielding phone in a year when phones did not have cameras.

The phones that came equipped with camera were first sold in 2000 — five years after the match, Mirror.co.uk reported on Sunday.

The clip was first published on the video-sharing website YouTube and has been reappearing by other conspiracy theorists searching for answers.

The footage shows a spectator standing in the front row using a phone to film Tyson vs McNeeley match.

According to conspiracy theorist, it could only be a human time traveller from the future or an alien in the ring enjoying a holiday on the Earth while detractors say it could actually be an early digital camera.

Time-traveller may or may not be the case but the device can also be mistaken with a camcorder of that age.

The match was played in Las Vegas and was marked as the return of Tyson to professional boxing after serving three years away in prison on rape charges in 1992.

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