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14 Exquisite Clandestine Cameras From The Golden Age of Espionage

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The upcoming rare cameras auctions at Bonhams will feature rare photography equipment and accessories crafted by iconic manufacturers (Hasselblad, Leica, Nikon, Rolleiflex just to name a few). But for those who are fond of the history of spying, the real stars of the event on December 3 in Hong Kong) will be these spy-worthy clandestine cameras.

Ticka watch camera (Houghtons Ltd., London, 1904)

Doryu 2-16 gun camera (Doryu Camera Co, Japan, 1952)

Mamiya pistol camera (Mamiya Camera Co. Japan)

Taschenbuch book camera (Haake & Albers, Frankfurt, 1888)

Concealed Vest camera (C.P. Stirn, Germany, 1886)

ABC watch camera (Steineck, Germany, 1948)

GF81 ring camera (Gian Paulo Ferro, Italy)

Mast concealable camera (Mast Development Corp. Davenport, USA)

Le Photo-Revolver (E. Krauss, Paris, 1921)

Minox no. 8245 (VEF, USSR)

Kodak Matchbox camera (Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester, NY, 1944)

Le Physiographe (L. Bloch of Paris, 1896)

Telescopic watch camera (J. Lancaster & Son, Birmingham, 1886)

Lucky Strike spy camera with Ohio Safety match box light meter (Mast Development Corp, USA, 1949)

Photos: Bonhams

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