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12-inch MacBook is the tablet-cum-notebook you wanted

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It doesn’t really matter that Steve Jobs isn’t around anymore to foresee the future of technology or for that matter any major product development. But you don’t really need to be a genius to know that tablets have quickly become redundant in some form sizes (7-inch comes to mind).

And so, Apple has quickly moved to make sure the vacuum between an iPad and Macbook gets fully accommodated with another MacBook which is lighter and thinner yet powerful to compensate for both. Yes, you might argue that with just one USB type C port, Apple is playing with consumer’s hand by literally telling him/her to buy additional accessories in order to operate basic functions.

Has Apple seen it coming before the market could witness the changing pattern or have they merely followed the industry predictions? Either way, the refreshing 12-inch MacBook enables Apple to thwart the falling demand for iPad (recent reports indicate the same) with numbers expected to fall even more in the coming years.

This MacBook can herald a new era for portable computing products which can from there on be created for different segments. Samsung tried the spectacular with the Note Pro 12.2 inch slate but never truly managed to answer the nagging issues which end up being a functionality nightmare. It was a start but with 12-inch MacBook, Apple is taking that start to more viable proportions which one hopes translates down the food chain in the coming years.

This way PCs could make a comeback in newer, fresher avatar that epitomizes portability, fine aesthetics and retaining the Apple core value. Can we expect something similar from the likes of HP, Dell and Lenovo among others? We’ll know the answer soon.

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